Shirley Garlett steps down from Victoria Daly Regional Council

May 7, 2023

After nearly six years at the helm of Timber Creek Ward, Shirley Garlett has stepped down as Councillor, effective immediately.
Elected to the position in September 2017, Cr Garlett also served as Deputy Mayor of Council from 2019 – 2022.

During this time, she advocated for the construction of a women’s safe house in Timber Creek, improved roads across the region and better housing for residents living in some of the most remote parts of the Territory.

Passionate about youth wellbeing, she fought for increased funding and support for sport and recreation programs in remote communities.

In 2021 she used her platform to shine a light on the physical, emotional, and social benefits of Sport and Recreation at the LGANT Conference.

Council will continue to advocate strongly on these issues.

She was also an integral part of delivering key outcomes for the Council and the region. These included:

  • Serving as the Deputy Mayor of Victoria Daly Regional Council for three strong years
  • Breaking away from CouncilBIZ. No other Regional Council to date has achieved this.
  • Purchasing VDRC’s new Regional Office space, 18 Pearce Street.
  • Purchasing a new Aged Care and NDIS Respite Centre in Timber Creek. This property will mean being able to provide on-Country care for our Oldies and vulnerable.
  • Bringing CDP back in-house.

VDRC Mayor, B. Pedwell, thanked Cr. Garlett for her contribution to the Timber Creek Ward and Council.

“You have acted with dedication, commitment, and hard work to serve this Council, voted by the people,” Mayor Pedwell said.

“You will not only be missed by this Council, but the whole Timber Creek Ward.”