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Meetings of Council and Committees

Council conducts its business and makes formal decisions through its meeting processes.

Council meets twelve times per year for its Ordinary meetings and can hold a Special meeting when required. Members of the public are welcome to join the meetings and participate in question time.

As part of its commitment to best-practice governance for all communities, the Council has an Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC). The Council is committed to ensuring that Local Government provides stable and accountable governance and a strong process of accountability for its internal operations. The ARMC is Council’s mechanism for overseeing, monitoring and identifying risk practices across all of Council’s operations.

The ARMC is currently comprised of two Councillors and two Independent members. These independent members are selected based on their skill and experience in the fields of finance and business. Their independence from Council ensures that they will act in the best interests of Council, without conflict of interest and without bias. The committee as a whole has extensive powers to identify and investigate any aspect of the Council’s ongoing operations and to recommend appropriate action should they consider this warranted.

Agendas of meetings are made available prior to the meeting, and copies of minutes following the meeting can be viewed on this website.

The Council is governed by the NT Local Government Act

Reviewable Decisions

A reviewable decision is a decision or order made by Council, or an officer of Council, that is designated as reviewable by either the Local Government Act or by resolution of Council.

Section 227(2) of the Local Government Act deems that the following are reviewable decisions:

  • a decision to reject an application for correction of an entry in the assessment record (Section 154(6));
  • a regulatory order (Section 196);
  • a decision to refuse to suppress a person’s name or address (or both) from publicly available material (Section 210(5)).

Council has not designated any other categories of decisions as reviewable.

The register of Reviewable Decisions contains no reviewable decisions.


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