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Timber Creek

Council Operations Manager

Paul Buckley 

Email: paul.buckley@vicdaly.nt.gov.au 

Mobile: 0408 360 256


Councillor Timber Creek Ward

Deborah Jones 

Email: deborah.jones@vicdaly.nt.gov.au 

Mobile: 0409 600 979

Community Profile

The Council Office for the Ward is located in Timber Creek and is the service centre for the nearby Indigenous communities of Muruning, Myatt, Gulardi, and Gilwi as well as further afield communities such as Bulla, Amanbidji and Menngen.

Timber Creek Council Office employs 18 staff members with 39% of their employees being Indigenous. 

Council staff provide the core functions of Parks and Gardens, Waste Management, and Administration; and deliver the services of Community Night Patrol, Aged Care and Sports & Recreation.

Timber Creek is located 286km south west of Katherine along the Victoria Highway and is 195km east of the Western Australian border along the same highway.


    The first inhabitants were the Ngaliwurra and Nungali Aboriginal people, descendants of whom still live in Timber Creek. Timber Creek was named in 1855 when the explorer Augustus Gregory used timber from the banks of the creek to repair his expedition’s boat. Today, this small town has a range of accommodation, activities and other facilities for travellers.

    A Police Station was constructed in 1898 and upgraded in 1908, as river traffic grew, to service pastoral properties. In 1911 a depot was established to service the river trade. Due to growing concerns over a Japanese invasion of Northern Australia during WWII the 21st North Australia Observer Unit was formed. This was a highly mobile unit, led by Aboriginal guides who knew the area and were responsible for reporting enemy landings on isolated areas of the coast line. In 1998 the unit named “Nackeroos” was recognised with a memorial on the escarpment for the first time. More than 20 years after the landmark Mabo decision, the courts determined how to award compensation for lost Native Title Rights, and awarded the Aboriginal custodians of Timber Creek $3.3 million in compensation.

    Ngaliwurru and Ngarinyman are the main traditional languages for this region however English is predominantly spoken. The Ngaliwurru and Nungali Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants and Traditional Owners of the lands surrounding the town.


    18 Pearce Street,
    Katherine South NT 0850

    Postal Address

    PO Box 19, Katherine NT 0851

    Further Enquiries Please Contact

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