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Sports and Recreation

Why sport is great for you:

Playing sport is not only great fun, it keeps you healthy and gives you the chance to make new friends and learn new skills.

When you play sport you:

  1. Meet lots of new people
  2. Keep healthy and active
  3. Improve your fitness
  4. Make lifelong friends
  5. Learn how to work in a team
  6. Learn how to cope with success and failure
  7. Gain valuable skills, such as concentration, commitment and communication
  8. Have the chance to get outdoors and have fun
  9. Creates great memories
  10. Discover new things about yourself

Council Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation programs are run in all communities in the Council. Activities include AFL, soccer, softball, indoor / outdoor cricket, basketball, movie nights, ladies nights, BBQs, Heart Foundation walks, discos and lots of other fun and engaging activities.These focus on keeping community members both happy and healthy.

List of council sporting facilities

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Contact Details

For more information, get in touch with a sport and recreation officer:

Head Office

(08) 8972 0777


(08) 8975 0357

Daly River / Nauiyu

(08) 8978 2295

Pine Creek

(08) 8976 1391

Timber Creek

(08) 8975 0385


(08) 8975 0389

Other Recreation services


29 Crawford Street,
Katherine East NT 0850

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PO Box 19, Katherine NT 0851

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