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Community Night Patrol Service

There is a need for culturally appropriate assistance to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people at risk of either causing harm or being harmed, including intoxicated people, people under the influence of substances, young people, victims of violence and the homeless. Employing approximately 50 people throughout the region, Victoria Daly Regional Council (VDRC) is responsible for the coordination and delivery of Community Night Patrol Services in all of the nine Victoria Daly communities. As the provider of the service, VDRC works to develop and maintain service level agreements and partnerships between NT Police, Community Clinics and other Night Patrollers. The main objective for the service is simple: community safety.

All individuals have a right to be safe in their Community.

The VDRC Community Night Patrol Services assists communities to take responsibility to prevent anti-social, harmful, destructive and illegal behaviours by offering community patrolling and safe transport to protect vulnerable people. The activities undertaken by the Community Night Patrol Teams include:

  • Relocating people to a safe environment such as a relative’s home, recognised safe house, women’s refuge or a medical facility
  • Diffusing violent situations where it is safe to do so and administering first aid (if required)
  • Diverting intoxicated people away from contact with the criminal justice system, liasing with police when needed
  • Providing advice, information or referral, for instance, to a counselling service.

The Victoria Daly Region Community Night Patrol Service is funded by the Attorney General Department and is administered through the Council. The service commenced (in most Northern Territory communities) approximately three years ago, with a primary focus to prevent members of the community coming into contact with the criminal justice system either as an offender or a victim. The patrol will endeavour to help out where possible in all aspects of community safety with a goal of expanding professional networks to increase the effectiveness of the service and to promote a holistic approach to community safety and well being. There are currently nine active Night Patrols across the region, each with their own needs and characteristics.

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