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Yarralin Walangeri


Brian Pedwell

Email: brian.pedwell@vicdaly.nt.gov.au
Mobile: 0429 341 336

Councillor Services Manager

Keira Townsend

Email: keira.townsend@vicdaly.nt.gov.au
Office: (08) 8975 0839
Mobile: 0499 005 889

Community Profile

The Council Office for the Ward is located in Yarralin and is the service centre for the nearby Indigenous communities of Lingarra (30km from Yarralin), Pigeon Hole (98km from Yarralin) and Top Springs Outstation (120km from Yarralin).

Yarralin Council Office employs 35 staff members with 97% of their employees being Indigenous. They provide the core functions of Parks & Gardens, Waste Management, Road Maintenance, Traffic Control and Administration; and deliver the services of Community Night Patrol, Aged Care, Child Care, School Nutrition, Remote School Attendance Program, Sports & Recreation, Remote Indigenous Broadcasting, Airstrip Maintenance and Centrelink services.

Yarralin is also known as the Walangeri community. The town is situated on the banks of the Wickham River close to the Victoria River. It is 380km southwest of Katherine.


Yarralin was part of the Victoria River Downs Station and was called Gordon Creek Station, until 1975. In 1972 the Ngaringman people walked off the Victoria River Downs Station, just as their Gurindji countrymen did in 1966. After a 40 year long battle, the land was handed back to the Ngaringman/Yarralin people in June 2016.

Culture and Heritage

Ngaringman people are strongly represented at Yarralin, as well as Mudburra and Bilinara people. Ngaringman and English are the main languages of this region.



29 Crawford Street,
Katherine East NT 0850

Postal Address


PO Box 19, Katherine NT 0851