Victoria Daly Regional Council says goodbye to CouncilBiz

Aug 10, 2022

Victoria Daly has become the first regional council to resign from data storage system, CouncilBiz, following a sign-off from the Minister for Local Government, Chansey Paech.

In the letter, Paech said that VDRC’s new cloud-based software packages – which have been fully operational since 1 April 2022 – were sufficient for Council’s operational and reporting requirements, and capable and robust enough to stand alone.

VDRC submitted a request to the NTG on 9 May 2022 to resign from CouncilBiz by 30 June 2022.

VDRC Mayor, B. Pedwell, said a major reason for the move was because the customer service CouncilBiz provided wasn’t at a satisfactory level, and that shifting to a cloud-based storage system made sense for VDRC’s current and future needs.

“Moving to cloud storage enables real time access to data through all devices, including mobile phones, iPads and desk computers,” Mayor Pedwell said.

“This was a move spearheaded by me and the other Councillors to improve the services that run within our region.”

Mayor Pedwell

Imposed on all NT regional councils in 2008 by the Northern Territory Government, CouncilBiz hosts all users on the same server. So many users on the same system created major issues for VDRC’s efficiency, accessing proper training, and using the systems in remote communities.

By transitioning to a cloud-based system, VDRC is now able to use individual programs and apps more flexibly and can tailor them to the needs of Council and can update these programs and provide training to staff with minimal effort or cost.

The new cloud systems are scalable (users can be added or removed instantly away), and software licenses are pay-as-you-go, rather than – for example – paying for a pack of 200 software licenses when VDRC only used 102.

Based on projections, the new system will save VDRC an average of over $157,000 per year for the next five years. It will also streamline business processes, is more compatible across a variety of software, creates better communication across the organisation, enhances productivity and efficiency in the way programs are used, is much more user-friendly, and is more accessible in remote regions.

Overall security of Council will also be boosted through adopting a two-factor authentication system, something that was not possible under CouncilBiz.

Mayor Pedwell said that Council and staff across the five VDRC Wards were “buzzing”.

“This move will mean Council is more in line with current and modern technology suitable for Council needs,” he said.

“We would like to extend our thanks to Minister Paech for approving our resignation from CouncilBiz.”


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