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Council By-Laws

Victoria Daly Regional Council is the registered title holder and administrator for the following by-laws, as recognised through transitional Northern Territory legislation following the amalgamation of community councils into regional councils in 2008.

Victoria Daly Regional Council intends to repeal the Pine Creek Community Government Council (Litter and Flammable and Noxious Weeds &c) By-laws 1989; Pine Creek (Control of Dogs) By-laws 1992; and Timber Creek Community Government Council By-laws 2000.

Hard copies of the repeal By-laws and Public Information Paper are available at all Council offices and are downloadable in the sections below. 

Submissions on the proposal can be posted to PO Box 19 Katherine NT 0851, handed in at any Council office, emailed to michelle.will@vicdaly.nt.gov.au or by phone 8972 0723.

All submissions must be received by 12 midnight 21 May 2021.



    Council By-Laws

    Public Information Paper – Proposed Victoria Daly Regional Council (Pine Creek and Timber Creek By-laws) Repeal By-laws 2020
    1 11 downloads
    Bylaws April 6, 2021
    Victoria Daly Regional Council – Repeal By-laws – Consultation Draft
    1 11 downloads
    Bylaws April 6, 2021
    Timber Creek By-Laws
    1 66 downloads
    Bylaws January 10, 2021
    Pine Creek (Litter and Flammable and Noxious weeds) By-Laws
    1 31 downloads
    Bylaws January 10, 2021
    Pine Creek (Control of Dogs) By-Laws
    1 65 downloads
    Bylaws January 10, 2021


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