Flood Update for Victoria Daly region

Mar 3, 2023

Daguaragu and Nitjpurru (Pigeon Hole) communities have now been fully evacuated to Kalkarindji, while evacuation orders for Yarralin have been dropped as flood levels recede.

Kalkarindji, Daguaragu and Nitjpurru (Pigeon Hole)

On Thursday 2 March, the Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet advised Daguaragu and Nitjpurru (Pigeon Hole) communities have been fully evacuated to Kalkarindji.

Evacuees are being transferred to Darwin and will be accommodated at the Centre of National Resilience in Howard Springs.

The evacuation of Kalkarindji is ongoing, with the final plane out of Kalkarindji departing today.

The Australian Defence Force is supporting the operation with a C-27J and two C-130 aeroplanes running flights out of Kalkarindji to Katherine, speeding up the evacuation of residents.


Local Police held a community meeting at the Yarralin Community Store yesterday afternoon to confirm that Yarralin is not evacuating.

While the Dashwood Crossing is up and rising, the Wickham River (which runs through the back of the community) has dropped significantly over the last 24 hours – down to under 6 metres from a high of 12.5 metres. With rain easing off and little forecast over the next week, it looks as thought the worst may be over.

The ongoing issue of Telstra phone reception continues to be up and down, mostly dropping out at night and coming back on late the next morning. Telstra have been unable to get a technician out due to the weather.

Services are still advised to contact the Walangeri Ngumpinku General Manager on 0427 084 828 as they have an active Starlink satellite internet service which allows for WiFi Calling.


A moderate flood warning was issued for the Daly River Police Station and the lower Daly River near the Beeboom Crossing.

Current flood level is 13.69 and is expected to peak soon.

Five Mile gate, the boat ramp, the Daily River Inn, and Wooliana Road at the Banyan Farm causeway are all closed.

Some Nauiyu roads are affected by flood water restricting movement around the community, with the airstrip runway length has been reduced to 623 metres.

Nighthawk Transport yesterday delivered to the Store so supplies are well stocked, and police are currently in Nauiyu 24/7, conducting daily emergency management meetings.

Clinic doctor visits have been cancelled this week however the clinic is still operational. The post office is also still open.

Stay updated on rain and river conditions at www.bom.gov.au

For information about preparing for floods, visit www.securent.nt.gov.au