Timber Creek Festival a celebration of strong communities

Aug 2, 2022

This year’s Festival brought together groups from across the Territory for a day of family fun.

Held in the town’s sport and recreation hall, local businesses and community organisations set up market stalls; live music played throughout the day; TEABBA Radio broadcasted live from the festival; and an inflatable water slide entertained the kids for hours on end.

Katherine West Health Board at the festival

A local business selling clothes

A steady stream of competitive events was hosted throughout the day, including a gumboot toss, spear throwing, damper making and pie eating contests. Winners took home hampers, meat trays, and fishing and hunting packs.

Later in the evening, hungry festivalgoers were treated with a feed of damper, roast veg and beef, cooked to perfection in an in-ground fire pit. The annual event is run by the Timber Creek Festival Committee, of which is funded by the Timber Creek Local Authority.

Kids participating in the fishing line throw

Winner of the kids gumboot toss

The men’s pie eating contest

A part of the Victoria Daly Regional Council, there are Local Authority Groups in Timber Creek, Pine Creek, Nauiyu, Yarralin, Kalkarindji, Bulla, and Amanbidji. The groups are required to meet four times a year to decide on and discuss pressing issues in their local communities. The Groups are also allocated $10,000 per annum to run community activities.

Chair of the Timber Creek Local Authority group and member of the Timber Creek Festival Committee, Coralie Myers, explained that the role of Local Authorities in communities was critical.

“I’ve been in Timber Creek for four years but came here a lot as a kid to see my grandparents…and there were always things on and happening,” Myers said.

“I’m really determined to make that happen again.”

A day that brings everyone together

Paul Buckley, VDRC Council Operations Manager, said that while there were challenging parts of living remotely, events like this made it all worth it.

“It’s a great opportunity for the people of Timber Creek and surrounding communities to come together, listen to some live music, have a feed and catch up, all against the backdrop of the stunning escarpments that surround the town,” Buckley said.

“It’s pretty special.”

Coralie and Renee manning the door prize table

Myers added that none of it would have been possible without the volunteers on the day.

“It was really awesome to see everyone come and pitch in on the day to make it a good event,” she said.

The event received generous support from Victoria Daly Regional Council; Local Member for Daly, Dheran Young; the Timber Creek Hotel; Wirib Store and Tourist Park; Town and Country Butchers Katherine; Sitzler and Discovery Parks; and Rod and Rifle Katherine.

VDRC’s Timber Creek Council Operations Manager, Paul Buckley and Local Member for Daly, Dheran Young


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