Dec 11, 2018

Pine Creek Gold Rush Festival and Photographic and Art Competition

Thousands of people make the annual pilgrimage to the Pine Creek Gold Rush Festival to try their hand at gold panning and to join in the general festivities.

Families, children, and the elderly are all welcome to come and join in the fun…you might even find some gold

The small town of Pine Creek situated more than 200km south of Darwin and 90km north of Katherine becomes a meeting place for gold panning enthusiasts both rookie and veteran.  The Pine Creek Gold Rush Festival for 2019 will be held from 31st May until the 1st of June and will include the 2019 Pine Creek Photographic and Art Competition to be held on Friday 31 May.

Pine Creek has a unique pre and post colonial history. Prior to European arrival, Pine Creek was the intersecting point of three large Indigenous groups, but traditionally associated with the Wagiman people.  When Europeans arrived, and started construction of the Telegraph line between Adelaide and Darwin, some workers struck gold! This was a catalyst for another Australian gold-rush, which saw Pine Creek’s population swell with people from all over the country, including the Chinese Immigrants who played a large part in shaping the town’s identity. It’s with this spirit that we celebrate the Pine Creek Gold Rush festival, and welcome people from all over Australia and beyond, to come and experience the gold fever for themselves.

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