Our council

Our Vision, Values and Goals

“Moving Forward Together”

Council’s vision for the Victoria Daly region is “Moving Forward Together“, becoming a well respected and recognised leader within Australia’s Local Government. Council aims to work towards developing a broad range of strategies that will help shape its vision for the region through excellent service delivery and community engagement; assisting to build one of the most sustainable, vibrant and diverse regions in Australia. The Council strives to form partnerships that ensure strategic goals are met.

The key core values and principles that are integral in achieving our vision are Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Opennes and Equality

Our Goals


The Council strives to foster partnerships that will deliver our strategic goals. Council’s goals for 2017 / 2018 are –


  • Financial sustainability
  • Good governance
  • Meet the expectations of the communities we serve
  • Provide employment to Indigenous people in our community
  • Maintain and develop Council’s Assets

The Council aims toward ensuring all communities are strong, safe and healthy; abundant with respect for culture and heritage. The Council aspires to provide good governance, leadership and advocacy and work towards building a strong regional economy by promoting local employment and high quality services within financial resources. The Council is also striving towards maintaining and developing Council assets, natural resources and country.



29 Crawford Street,
Katherine East NT 0850

Postal Address


PO Box 19, Katherine NT 0851