GOOD LUCK CROCODILE: This week we are covering #CDPSuccess story from Kalkarindji and Daguragu, where a dedicated team is proud as punch to have entered its lucky crocodile in the Junk Art Festival, which was held Katherine last weekend.
Following a successful welding course, Kalkarindji and Daguragu CDP participants were enthusiastic to keep practicing their skills.
They took their ideas to the Dagaragu Traditional Owners, and it was decided that the croc idea was the strongest proposal.
The croc was made entirely from horse shoes, many of which were collected from Wave Hill Station. John Leemans and Peter Ross drove the concept, and Dion King, Harold Oscar, Dean Farquharson and Dennis Crowson were driving forces of the development of the project.
We are told the name ‘Good Luck Crocodile’ has great significance as 3 out of 4 of the principle drivers gained employment whilst working on the project. Congratulations guys!
Thank you to CDP Activity Supervisor William Smart and also to Dion King and Harold Oscar for representing the Good Luck Crocodile at the festival.
The croc only missed out on the peoples’ choice award by a mere two votes! ”The men are more fired up than ever to get back to activities and start creating for next year’s competition,” explained William
Wonder what next year’s idea will be! Bring on Junk Arts Festival 2021!