Flood recovery in full swing for affected communities

Apr 28, 2023

Nearly two months after Kalkarindji, Daguragu and Pigeon Hole were hit by severe flooding, work continues to rebuild impacted areas and support community members.

Emergency declarations remain in place for Daguragu, Pigeon Hole and Kalkarindji, which gives the Northern Territory Government control of disaster recovery.

To date, approximately 350 people have been repatriated to Kalkarindji and Daguragu or deregistered from the CNR to make their own arrangements.

Victoria Daly Regional Council is continuing to work alongside NTG and a number of community organisations to assist in the rebuilding of impacted communities.

Essential services, telecommunications and road access have all been restored in Kalkarindji, and Daguragu.

The Northern Territory Government has secured appropriate temporary accommodation which will be used to house flood-affected residents from the communities of Kalkarindji and Daguragu.

Executive services, aged care, Community Night Patrol, and municipal services such as waste collection are all back up and running following the repatriation of staff members back into community.

The Community Development Program (CDP) is running at limited capacity.

Staff are also assisting in the clean-up of VDRC buildings and community dwellings.

Temporary accommodation in Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole was hardest hit by the floods and is still inaccessible to heavy vehicles with recent rainfall affecting the access road.

Work has now commenced on constructing a “tent village” in Yarralin to house Pigeon Hole residents while the community is being restored. Pigeon Hole residents are expected to arrive in the coming days.

Similar to the Glen Innes Mobile Base Camp in 2015, the tent city would provide at least 15 large 12-person air-conditioned tents, along with toilets, showers, and kitchen cooking facilities.

The VDRC Parks and Gardens team has assisted by mowing Yarralin Sports Oval community ahead of the construction.

Council will not be responsible for the management of complex but will provide municipal services such as waste collection.

Night patrol will function as normal within the community and Aged Care may be required to take on extra clients for the duration of the temporary accommodation.

VDRC Mayor, B. Pedwell, said he was supportive of the initiative, and that it had worked well in Elcho Island back in 2015 following Cyclone Lam.

“Bringing Pigeon Hole residents back closer to their community can only be seen as a positive. Yarralin community has met and agreed on the construction of the tents, and I hope that the two communities can work as one on this,” Mayor Pedwell said.

He thanked everyone involved in the recovery efforts for their continued hard work and expressed his heartfelt support for everyone impacted by the disaster.

“The devastation and impact of the floods these past few months has been heart wrenching. Countrymen and women have had to watch their homes and all of their sentimental possessions wash away,” he said.

“On top of that, they have dealt with the anxiety of not knowing when they can return home. My heartfelt sorrow goes out to all those impacted.

“The hard work is continuing and will continue for months to come. I thank all VDRC staff members for their commitment to their communities, as well as the many services and organisations on the ground, putting back together the region.”