Yarralin Walangeri Yarralin Walangeri

Councillor/Mayor - Brian Pedwell
Email: Brian.Pedwell@vicdaly.nt.gov.au
Mobile: 0499 5263 26

Tanya Brown

Office: (08) 8975 0839
Email: Tanya.Brown@vicdaly.nt.gov.au

Yarralin, also known as Walangeri, is an Aboriginal community located 382km south-west of Katherine. It is 16km west of the Victoria River Downs cattle station and is situated on the banks of the Wickham River. This delightful small community is in close proximity to the Victoria and Humbert Rivers, the Gregory National Park and the spectacular Jasper Gorge.

Yarralin RiverMain access is from the sealed Victoria Highway and then through the picturesque Jasper Gorge (unsealed road) which is often impassable during the wet season. Alternative access is from the Buntine Highway through Top Springs. A one-way trip from Katherine to the community will take approximately 4 hours. Apart from the Victoria Highway all roads are unsealed gravel and often rocky. Yarralin has an excellent range of services including a primary school, health clinic, police station, church and a safe house.

The Council is responsible for providing services to Yarralin and Pigeon Hole (98km from Yarralin), the total population of the two communities is approximately 550 people. Naringman people are strongly represented at Yarralin, the Munburra people at Yinguwinarri and the Bilandala people at Pigeon Hole. There is a commonality between the constituent populations and they all share a common regional history to the main community at Yarralin. Ngarringman and English are the main languages of this region. The local people also speak some Creole; however English is predominantly the second language.

Yarralin has around 265 residents (ABS 2011 Census of Population and Housing). This fluctuates during the year particularly during the wet season as residents from Lingara and Pigeon Hole often stay in the community on an on and off basis.


Age of Population of Yarralin Population
0 - 14 88
15 - 24 55
25 - 44 69
45 - 64 37
65 and over 16
Total 265


  • foodstore
  • arts and crafts centre
  • sports field
  • medical centre
  • civil works

Municipal services and Housing repairs and upgrades are currently under the control of Victoria Daly Regional Council. Yarralin currently has a total of 53 houses. With seven (7) being leased to Victoria Daly Regional Council and the remainder to other organisations such as Police, Katherine West Health Board, Katherine Group Schools and Northern Territory Housing. The traditional owners of Yarralin, Pigeon Hole and surrounding areas are the Campbells, Anzacs and Hectors.  There are no land management agreements. Yarralin’s outstations include Lingara and old top springs.

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