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Meeting Dates

2019 Council and Local Authority meeting dates.

The following are the proposed 2019 meeting dates for both Council and Local Authorities.

Local Authority meetings may need to be postponed from time-to-time die to weather events with notifications made on this page. Please check for updates prior to attending each meeting.

Some Local Authorities are yet to agree dates beyond the first meeeting of the year. Updates will be made as dates are received.

2019 Council, Committee and Local Authority Meeting Dates
Pine Creek Local Authority Meeting6.00pmWednesday9th JanuaryPine Creek
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amThursday31st JanuaryRegional Office
Yarralin Local Authority Meeting4.30pmWednesday6th FebruaryYarralin
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday7th FebruaryKalkarindji
Bulla Community Local Authority Meeting12.00pmMonday11th FebruaryBulla
Timber Creek Local Authority Meeting4.30pmTuesday12th FebruaryTimber Creek
Amanbidji Local Authority Meeting12.00pmWednesday13th FebruaryAmanbidji
Nauiyu/Daly River Local Authority Meeting1:30pmWednesday20th FebruaryNauiyu
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting10.30amMonday25th FebruaryRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amMonday26th FebruaryRegional Office
Yarralin Local Authority Meeting4.30pmWednesday28th FebruaryYarralin
Pine Creek Local Authority Meeting6.00pmWednesday13th MarchPine Creek
Ordinary Council Meeting
(Briefing Day)
9:00amMonday25th MarchNauiyu
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amTuesday26th MarchNauiyu
Yarralin Local Authority Meeting4.30pmWednesday28th MarchYarralin
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday4th AprilKalkarindji
Bulla Community Local Authority Meeting12.00pmMonday15th AprilBulla
Timber Creek Local Authority Meeting4.30pmTuesday16th AprilTimber Creek
Amanbidji Local Authority Meeting12.00pmWednesday17th AprilAmanbidji
Nauiyu/Daly River Local Authority Meeting1.30pmWednesday17th AprilNaiuyu
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting    
(Review Councils March financial statements against budget, review Councils draft budget for following year)
10:30amMonday29th AprilRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting
(Adopt Draft Regional Plan, Budget, Rates & Fees/Charges)
9:00amTuesday30th AprilRegional Office
Pine Creek Local Authority Meeting6.00pmWednesday15th MayPine Creek
Ordinary Council Meeting (Briefing Day)9:00amMonday27th MayRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amTuesday28th MayRegional Office
Yarralin Local Authority Meeting4.30pmThursday30th MayYarralin
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday6th JuneKalkarindji
Bulla Community Local Authority Meeting12.00pmMonday10th JuneBulla
Timber Creek Local Authority Meeting4.30pmTuesday11th JuneTimber Creek
Amanbidji Local Authority Meeting12.00pmWednesday12th JuneAmanbidji
Nauiyu/Daly River Local Authority Meeting1.30pmWednesday19th JuneNauiyu
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting
(Review the unaudited financial statements, set audit agenda and committees work plan)
10:30amMonday24th JuneRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting
(Consider submissions, adopt Regional Plan, Budget, Fees/Charges and declare Rates)
9:00amTuesday25th JuneRegional Office
Yarralin Local Authority Meeting4.30pmThursday27th JuneYarralin
Ordinary Council Meeting (Briefing Day)9:00amMonday22nd JulyKalkarindji
Ordinary Council Meeting    9:00amTuesday23rd JulyKalkarindji
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday1st AugustKalkarindji
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amMonday26th AugustRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting (Briefing Day)9:00amMonday23rd SeptemberRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amTuesday24th SeptemberRegional Office
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday3rd OctoberKalkarindji
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting
(Meet with Auditors, discuss and review draft audited financial statements, recommending for Council approval)
10:30amMonday21st  OctoberRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting
(Adoption of the Annual Report 17/18)
9:00amTuesday22nd OctoberRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting (Briefing Day)9:00amMonday25th NovemberRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amTuesday26th NovemberRegional Office
Kalkarindji Local Authority Meeting12.30pmThursday5th DecemberKalkarindji
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting
(Review Councils November financial statements against budget, monitor the implementation of any audit recommendations accept by Council)
10:30amMonday9th DecemberRegional Office
Ordinary Council Meeting 9:00amTuesday10th DecemberRegional Office


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