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Councillor and VDRC Deputy Mayor: Georgina Macleod

Email: Georgina.Macleod@vicdaly.nt.gov.au
Mobile: 0447 985 773

Council Services Manager: Rob Drew

Email: robert.drew@vicdaly.nt.gov.au
VDRC Council Office: 08 8975 0799

The communtiy of Kalkarindji is located in the southern region of the Victoria Daly Region. It is abundant in natural beauty with unique landscapes and small weaving river systems. The town is full of character, with Daguragu and Kalkarindji located approximately 8km apart.  Daguragu, situated on the banks of Wattie Creek is famous for helping to pave the way for Indigenous land rights in Australia. Nationally, many people resisted the idea of handing back land to the Traditional Owners. In 1975, former Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam handed over the title to the land to the Gurindji Aboriginal people - and then the first act of restitution to Aboriginal people and the start of the land rights movement.

The Wave Hill walk-off had paved the way for the NT Land Rights Act which became law in 1975. In the same year the Gurindji people bought the pastoral lease. After the NT government threatened to resume the lease, the Gurindji lodged a land rights claim. In 1986 they gained freehold title to the waterhole on Wattie Creek known as Dagaragu, which is located in the Victoria River Region of the Northern Territory. In May 2004, a memorial to Vincent Lingiari was unveiled as part of Reconciliation Place in Canberra. Australia songwriter Paul Kelly wrote the song "from little things, big things grow" about Vincent's struggles for his people.

Today over 500 Gurindji live in the communities of Daguragu, on the banks of Wattie Creek and Kalkarindji, formerly known as Wave Hill.


  • foodstore
  • petrol station
  • sports stadium - cricket oval - tennis court
  • licenced club
  • arts centre

Kalkarindji/Dargurgu has a combined population of 542

Description: The community is located approx 480 kms south west of Katherine on the Buntine Highway. The highway is a single lane bitumen road and is in a poor state of repair however the road is being upgraded certain sections at a time. For further infomation regarding the beautiful community of Kalkarindji, please click here.