Elected Members Elected Members

The Victoria Daly Regional Council (“the Council”) has five elected members, one from each of our Wards.  Councillors are elected for a term of four years, following the elections the Councillors will select a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

The Council holds Ordinary Council Meetings every month in the Katherine Regional Office.  These are open to the public to attend, excluding confidential business.  All Agendas and Minutes are available on the Council’s web site at www.victoriadaly.nt.gov.au. 

The role of a Councillor is to represent a specific area within the Victoria Daly region and ensure the good governance of their electoral area. Councillors attend Community meetings, Local Authority meetings and meet with community members regarding their concerns on local issues.

Besides fulfilling the role of Councillor, there are extra duties and added responsibilities for the Mayor.  The role of the Mayor is to represent Council in:
•Chairing Council and Committee meetings.
• Representing Council at Civic receptions and Government functions.
• Media representation.

The Council has a strong commitment to open and accountable governance.  The role and conduct of elected members is established in the Local Government Act.  Sections of the Act set out what is deemed to be appropriate behaviour for Councillors and the sanctions for a breach of the Act.  The Act is further reinforced by the Council’s Code of Conduct. This document sets out the principles that guide Council’s Operations and Policies. 

• Councillors are to act with integrity when conducting business of local government.
•Appropriate use of information.
•Represent the interests of all community members.
•Carry out statutory obligations.


Elected Member Remuneration Guidelines Elected Member Remuneration Guidelines