Nauiyu / Daly River Nauiyu / Daly River


Andrew McTaggart
Phone: 0498 337 730

Council Services Manager

Brian Phillips
Office: 08 89782422  
Mobile: 0427 288 894

Nauiyu is a small and peaceful community nestled on the banks of the Daly River, considered by many as the best barramundi fishing river in Australia. Nauiyu is 230km south of Darwin and is accessible by sealed road with new upgrades of the road making Daly River accessible in most weather conditions, although the road to Peppimenarti, Palumpa and Port Keats is unsealed and closed in the wet season.The Traditional Owners (TOs) of the area are the Malak Malak people who live both in Nauiyu and at Woolianna downstream from the community.  Many Indigenous people began living in the area when first settled by Europeans. English is the prominent language spoken by residents with Ngan’gikuruggurr being the most prominent of the 10 local languages. Each year, on the last weekend of May, a sports carnival and art show with an evening concert attracts up to 5000 visitors.

Daly River crocThe region was once home to settlers who managed to establish crops such as peanuts, tobacco and vegetables - all of which were taken to markets aboard boats that cruised through the waters of the Daly. In 1957, the area was badly flooded by waters rising 50 feet above it's normal level - devastating the community. The community reestablished itself, proving just how persistent and close knit they are when the flood waters returned in 1998.

Victoria Daly Region has a regional office at Nauiyu employing a staff of approximately 50. The Shire is responsible for power and water service, aged care facilities, child care, sports and recreation, swimming pool, Centrelink agency and maintenance of the all weather sealed airstrip with night landing facility. The Shire also has a large, modern equipment depot for road maintenance and road construction of the region.

"Our wild and beautiful river with it's seasonal tides and streams, the rainforest, animal life and birds, and especially the call of the jungle fowl will never cease to fascinate us..." Nancy Polishuk 1987


Age of Population of Nauiyu Population
0-4 years  57
5-9 years  58
10-14 years 39
15-19 years 38
20-24 years 47
25-29 years 53
30-34 years 29
35-39 years 28
40-44 years 21
45-49 years 11
50-54 years 18
55-59 years 17
60-64 years 20


  • Foodstore
  • Health clinic
  • School
  • Airstrip
  • Swimming pool

Nauiyu has a population of approximately 650.

Description: The community is situated approximately 230km south of Darwin. It should be noted by visitors, that Nauiyu is a dry township and no alcohol may be brought into the community without a pre-arranged permit. For further information about this beautiful community, please click here.


If you are visiting the beautiful, quaint community of Nauiyu, be sure to visit the list of  local secrets below.

  • The GRAND opening of the Daly River Bridge in December 2012
  • The gorgeous quiet caravan parks within the region are great for travelling tourists and fisherman
  • The official boat ramp at located at Woolianna Rd Daly River is a MUST for keen anglers
  • Merrepan Arts Festival (held annually - showcases unique Aboriginal artwork)
  • Many historical sites and buildings (from Australia's early settlers).
  • World's most renowned fishing spot for the beautiful BARRA.
  • The local's WARN: Care should be taken close to the water due to many crocodiles in the region.