Councils Vision Councils Vision

Our Region

The Victoria Daly Regional Council came into existence on 1st July 2014, as part of the Local Government reforms in the Northern Territory and through the de-amalgamation of the Victoria Daly Shire Council dividing into the Victoria Daly Regional Council and West Daly Regional Council.

The Victoria Daly Regional Council (VDRC) encompasses a geographical area of 168,000km2, and comprises of five indigenous communities and surrounding outstations;

Kalkarindji/Daguragu, Nauiyu/Daly River, Pine Creek, Timber Creek and Yarralin.

The Vision

The Victoria Daly Region is "Moving Forward Together" becoming a well respected and recognised leader within Australia's Local Government. Council aims to work towards developing a broad range of strategies that will help shape its vision for the region through excellent service delivery and community engagement; assisting to build one of the most sustainable, vibrant and diverse regions in Australia. Victoria Daly Regional Council strives to form partnerships that ensure strategic goals are met.

The key values and principles that are integral in the achievement of our vision are respect, integrity, honesty, openness and equality. The Council aims towards ensuring all communities are strong, safe and healthy - abundant with respect for culture and heritage. Council has adopted to provide good governance, leadership and advocacy and work towards building a strong regional economy by promoting local employment and high quality services within financial resources. The Council is also striving towards maintaining and developing council assets, natural resources and country.

Core Values

The key values and principles that are integral in the achievement of our vision are






VRDC continues to be fully committed to "Closing The Gap" with Indigenous Employment.

It must be acknowledged that such positive developments would not have been possible without the collective efforts and engagements from Community Elders, Traditional Owners, Local Authority Members, Community Residents and their families, VDRC staff, VDRC Councillors, VDRC Mayor, Government and Non-Government agencies and all other interested parties.

Victoria Daly Regional Council strives to be a recognised and respected leader in Local Government by forming strong partnerships within our communities and advocating for regional and local issues. We believe that maximising service effectiveness and linking people with information will help us to deliver quality services and programs in this beautiful region.

Council is passionate about creating a sustainable future for all people within the VDRC region and for the generations to come.