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VDRC Communities at The Territory Tidy Towns Awards

VDRC Communities Recognised At

The Tidy Town Awards Presentation 2016

Victoria Daly Regional Council communities where shining at the annual Territory Tidy Towns competition in Katherine in October 2016.

The communities awarded where Yarralin, Pine Creek, Kalkarindji and Daguragu and presented with a range of awards.

Recognition to the  Pine Creek and Yarralin communities effortd on receiving the 4 Gold Stars’ Tidy Towns Accreditation. 


Geoff Finch Memorial Cup for Encouragement 

Commendation for Litter Management 

Commendation for Community Participation



Commendation for Litter Management

Commendation for Community Participation


Pine Creek 

4 Gold Star’s Tidy Towns Accreditation



‘‘Dame Phyllis Frost’ Litter Control and Prevention

 4 Gold Star Town Accreditation 

Tip Top Tip’ Waste Management  

Litter Management 

Commendation for Community Participation