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Daly River Nauiyu Community NT 'Keep Smiling' !! Video

Daly River Nauiyu Community NT 'Keep Smiling' !!

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As apart of NAIDOC celebrations and first week of school holidays IHHP artists Tim, Jjay, Greg and Matt in collaboration with TEAMhealth and the Daly River 'Nauiyu' Community created this powerful mental health awareness song called 'Keep Smiling'. The youth alongside IHHP workshopped ideas around coping mechanisms and how we can deal with our emotions when we are feeling down whilst still being deadly young leaders who are proud of their culture, identity and community. IHHP and TEAMhealth cannot thank the ridiculously talented youth and community of Daly River for their hard work, creativity, support and commitment all week. An amazing experience and is a really strong video,Thank you so much for all being a part of making this a success. Special shout out to Vic Daly Council and Sacha King from TEAMhealth and of course Senior Elder Miriam Rose!!